Steven Norquist – Haunted Universe: (Revised Edition) Video & Text Review

Hello, welcome to the review of the revised edition of Haunted Universe: The True Knowledge of Enlightenment by Steven Norquist. Having seen our original review a few months ago in which we highly recommended his book, Norquist contacted us to let us know he was working on a revision. He kept in contact with us and we appreciate the fact that he sent us a copy of the revised edition to review. In this review, I am including some quotes from an email interview with the author both because I agree with what he states, and because I think he sums it up better than I could.

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Since his book is based largely on effect, he felt it needed to be streamlined to make it more concise and darker. According to Norquist: “The Revised Edition is designed to put a person into this state where “seeing” can occur. It does this by speaking directly to the very core of a person and step by step destroying each barrier, each bastion of hope that a person clings to that can separate them from what has always been theirs. If a person can enter into the mood of “Haunted Universe” and allow that mood to permeate their being effectively then “Haunted Universe” will be enough to allow them to catch their first glimpse. Once that powerful flash of insight is experienced, it is up to the reader to decide whether to move forward or retreat.”

Well he succeeded, and in our view it is a better book. One of the knocks I had read about Haunted Universe in other forums is the lack of words. You’ll find less words in this edition, but that isn’t the point. Have those critical of the books length and content looked at a majority of the neo-advaita books out there? They are all around 100 pages and they don’t contain anything new worth reading. Words like consciousness, awareness and phrases like “you already are that” along with sprinkled Sanskrit words everywhere. Haunted Universe is refreshingly not like that. The few words on each page are an opportunity for pause and reflection before moving on.

Norquist gives the reader the opportunity to see that there is no such thing as a self. Unlike other books that may tell you “the world is an illusion” it is you, the me or self, that is the illusion. Enlightenment really is a simple subject, but the hard work lies in dissolving the mind-made self.

The premise of the book is summed up on page 76 where he states “The barrier to Ultimate Truth that you currently face is your own desire for meaning or value.” I asked Steven Norquist if he could elaborate on this obstacle. I quote him here:

People want to be spiritual, to join a club, to feel that they are making a difference, they want to know they can be happy and live a good life. The quest for these things and more are the obstacles to the discovery of Ultimate Truth. Only when a person can finally begin to move beyond themselves can they hope to find that which has always been. Only when a person is willing to sacrifice their life, dreams, aspirations, friends, family and very self can they finally have a chance to see what really is. Few are willing or even believe that sacrifice of this order is necessary. This is as it is. But a few will understand and triumph. “Haunted” is a guide for those few.”

That accurately sums of what this book is about. Some spiritual seekers may not be ready for this book or they may be more interested in dabbling in satsangs and spiritual groups that make them feel good. That is all fine. For serious spiritual seeker, this is a must have book. gives the Haunted Universe: The True Knowledge of Enlightenment a 10 out of 10 on our Infinity scale.

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