David Carse, Perfect Brilliant Stillness – Video & Text Review

Perfect Brilliant Stillness, sounds beautiful doesn’t it?

Hello Dudes, this is Scott, and Perfect Brilliant Stillness is the title of today’s book review from the enlightenment dudes. The book is by David Carse and was published in 2006.

The thing I like about David Carse is he isn’t trying to sell you anything.  No satsangs, or retreats into silence and stillness, and no offer for buying a book and getting a 20% discount for a one-on-one chat with David.

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This guy doesn’t even have a website.  He’s a carpenter in Vermont who wrote a book and went back to his craft.  Frankly, during my search, I was always leary of gurus who stand to gain something from keeping their followers asleep.

For Carse, his awakening happened to be spontaneous or without any spiritual practice.  It took him a while to figure out what had happened to him.  His book chronicles his experience and what he found out after awakening.  Because he was so interested in finding out what happened to him, he has collected an excellent number of quotes from various spiritual teachers and traditions, and presents many of them throughout this book.

Because Carse’s awakening was spontaneous and was brought on by no effort, he has no method of practice to recommend in his writing.  However, the real value here is in what he imparts in how he sees and experiences the world following his trip to the jungle in South America, where his awakening occurred.

In many ways this book demystifies enlightenment.  At the same time, he also represents it as a happening which cannot be forced or purposefully replicated.  Such is the paradox of the spiritual search.

The enlightenment dudes give this book 8 Infinity Symbols, which represents it as highly valuable………..

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