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Waking from the Trance is what the spiritual path is all about, isn’t it? Well today we are going to review a CD that is meant to instruct how to help you find out who you are and wake up from that trance. Hello, dudes, this is Scott from, and we are reviewing the audio, Waking from the Trance: A Practical Course for Developing Multidimensional Awareness by Stephen Wolinsky.

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Wolinsky starts off by giving a bit of his own background as a spiritual seeker, and how he ultimately came to find and be a student of Nisargadatta Maharaj. The main principal he received from Maharaj was in order to find out what you are, you must first discover what you are not. Or in using another saying from Ramana Maharshi, you must go back the way you came.

Wolinsky is the originator of what he calls Quantum Psychology. According to him, a trance is the shrinking of the focus of attention, and the development of multi-dimensional awareness essentially broadens that focus. He states that we operate in several different dimensions at one time including external, thinking, emotional, biological, essence, and the I Am – no state state.

The problem with many spiritual practices is that you are working from a thinking level and that does not carry over to the other dimensions. In other words, you cannot overcome or override one dimension with another. For instance, visualization such as thinking you are going to have a lot of money (as taught in books referring to something as the law of attraction) will not actually get you money unless you do something about it by incorporating another dimension. The external dimension of actually doing something – taking an action.

He gives the example of the movie 7 Years in Tibet, where the Dalai Lama is convinced because he operates in a state of emptiness that the Chinese Army will not invade Tibet, which would be an action in the external dimension. Of course that turned out to be a false assumption.

I’ve known people who are frustrated with Ramana Maharshi’s style of self inquiry, and this could explain why that is the case. Self-inquiry operates in the dimension of thought, but doesn’t do much for deep seeded emotions, etc. Wolinksy gives the example of how he would sit in meditation for 3-5 hours and experience great levels of bliss and so on, and not long after stopping meditation he would have the familiar worries that he would be trying to get away from. The level of essence he experienced didn’t cross over into his thought and emotional realm of making his problems go away.

Finding out who you are most likely will not change the external world at all. The purpose isn’t to be more comfortable with life, make more money, have better sex, lose weight, have a prettier partner. That dimension will only be changed if you change it on the level of the external.

Wolinsky states that the real purpose in the exercises he gives in this audio is to help expand your awareness. The more dimensions you are aware of, the more freedom you will experience. He devotes specific time to talking about each of the dimensions and there are exercises specific to each.

This is really an excellent audio that combines background, instruction and exercises that can really help broaden multi-dimensional awareness. The enlightenment dudes give this cd a 10 on our infinity scale as highly recommended. For more reviews to help on the spiritual path,to recommend a book you would like us to review or to contact us with questions, visit us at

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