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Would you like to know the most direct means to eternal Bliss?  Hello Dudes this is Scott.  Thanks for joining as we review the book “The Most Rapid Means to Eternal Bliss” by Michael Langford.

So what is the most direct means to eternal bliss?  Well, basically, being aware that you are watching your awareness according to the author.  Let me talk about what’s good about this book first.  The writing style and presentation is unique.


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Each paragraph has a number next to it and the writer intends for you to take your time in between each paragraph to fully digest what is being read.  The ego wants to gobble everything up and move on to the next thing.   This writing style has you intentionally taking your foot off the gas pedal for a little bit.

I also don’t believe I have seen any other book that details the tricks of the ego in such a concise manner as Langford does here.  There’s a good four or five chapters on the tricks of the ego as well as how to awaken your desire for liberation.

The real reason you want to read this book, according to the writer, is to find out about the discovery of the “Awareness Watching Awareness” method and how you can apply that to enlightenment.  Prior to his discovery of and awakening through this method, Langford had read an astonishing 2,000 spiritual books and been practicing for 27 years.

Both Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj had instructed students to focus attention on the sense of “I Am.”  The author, Michael Langford, had tried doing this through thinking, feeling, and being conscious of “I Am” in various ways during his 27 year spiritual search, but felt he was getting no where.  So what is this “Awareness Watching Awareness” method he finally discovered?    Basically, being aware of his sense of awareness.

To his credit, the author really isn’t claiming to have discovered a whole new method – but a twist he needed to get past the obstruction to caused by his ego.  His insistence on this method being the most direct means to eternal bliss is really nothing new.  Self-inquiry as instructed by Ramana Maharshi has often been referred to as “the direct path.”

One issue I’ve had with looking at “this works,”  ”this is my method” or “this doesn’t work”  is that it isn’t much different than one religion or doctrine claiming it is the right one to get you into Heaven.  The words “Awareness Watching Awareness” isn’t how I would describe it anyway.  It tends to complicate things.  Pure Awareness cannot be made into an object – for it is the supreme subject.  His method is also nothing new since it is just his adjustment of how he perceives the teachings of gurus such as Ramana and Nisargadatta.  This is still just feeling and being in the sense of “I Am.”   Nisargadatta Maharaj said “the only thing you could be sure of is that you exist.  That is the ”I Am.”

Overall this is a nice book to have if you want to keep a watch on your ego’s tricks and if you are looking for some specific practice instructions, because there is that component to this book.  If you are already familiar with the teachings of Ramana Maharshi or Nisargadatta Maharaj there most likely will not be alot of new in terms of instruction.

Despite some of the more obvious shortcomings, there are enough positives in this book to give it a 7 out of 10 on our Infinity Scale.  For more reviews and recommendations to help you on your search, visit us at

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