Finding Reality: Awakening to Spiritual Freedom

Humor can sometimes be a great propeller. Today’s review is of the book “Finding Reality: Awakening to Spiritual Freedom” by Keith Loy.

Loy is from Ireland, and details the spiritual circus in a very humorous way. There are definitely some laugh out loud moments here as he talks about many attributes that made him a fairly typical spiritual seeker. He practiced austerities, meditated a lot, stared at the wall, tried to act “spiritual,” read extensively and traveled to expensive satsangs.


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One key story Loy relays about the “spiritual sideshow” and the inherent distraction it creates from actual enlightenment is following his sister’s awakening experience. She had no background in spiritual matters but had an awakening through observation a few days after a conversation with Loy about awareness. I was also not a spiritual seeker, so reading this was a remarkable reminder of my own experience.

Loy, meaning to be helpful, loaned many books to his sister, and she got involved with all the distractions that occur in the spiritual marketplace. From page 124 “This complicated it all for her…the spiritual sideshow contaminated something which was so simple for Annette – something which she had found instantaneously.” Of that time Loy indicates “I have since learned that the ego loves to take hold of a spiritual experience and conceptualize it to the death, so that it remains only a temporary experience, and is never allowed to grow into a full Spiritual awakening.”

On a personal note, this also happened to me. I was caught temporarily in a spiritual wasteland of the blind leading the blind. As Loy says, “this is where the ego strikes an unconscious compromise, offering us the happy hypnosis of the spiritual sideshow, instead of a full Spiritual awakening – which would certainly bring about the ego’s demise.”

Perhaps this book resonates because of the similarities, but as mentioned, I do also like the humor. He really does show the spirituality for the ridiculous circus it can be. And I found many of his points to be true.

Of his sister, (and what I came to notice about myself), without adopting a spiritual path and instead “deepening and integrating her own experience, she would have found her own inner guidance and then learned all she needed to know, about what was occurring within her. This would have been first hand knowledge, not second hand (like what is gained from books and gurus).”

That is really what true spirituality is about. Not believing what books, gurus, the Enlightenment Dudes, or anyone else tells you. First hand experience is all that matters.

The Enlightenment Dudes like this book and give it a 8 out of 10 on our infinity scale.


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