“I Am” by Howard Falco – Video & Text Review

You’ve no doubt heard the saying “be in the world but not of it.”  Many spiritual books focus on the transcendence of the world or your reality.  “I Am” by Howard Falco focuses largely on being in the world and how to navigate it. 

“I Am” has elements of science, psychology, self-help and spirituality.  It is an unusual mix, but it seems to work.  I read a book like this years ago, which is now probably hard to find, called the “Handbook to Perpetual Happiness” by A. Ramana.   The first couple chapters are dedicated to telling you who you really are and that you are the source and cause of all of your experiences. 

The rest of the book is spent telling you how to traverse what appears to be your life. Jed McKenna does some of the same thing in his book “Spiritual Warfare.” When you empty your cup of beliefs and are in alignment with “what is” in the universe, there is a certain synchronicity you will notice taking place.


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So I don’t get arrested by the non-dual police, I’m going to use a similar disclaimer that A. Ramana used in his book.  Realizing this body/mind is not really who you are, there are some who still want to know how to operate in the world and function as best they can.  Howard Falco’s “I Am” has some very helpful instruction for the one who is looking for it.  This book offers a choice which presents the opportunity to stop dwelling on past mistakes and drop worries about the future. 

The words “I am” are a present declaration of who you take yourself to be – in essence your beliefs about who you are.  The book says it is time to put away the guilt and shame of the past.  On dwelling on possible past mistakes in decision making, Falco reassures us “if you could have done better in a past moment, you would have.” 

There really isn’t a lot of mysticism in this book either – which is kind of refreshing.  Falco has sound reasoning for the statements he makes.  The change that occurs to reach your desires in life come about based on your firm decision and commitment to take action.  This isn’t some “law of attraction” get rich quick scheme.  Your intent to make something happen in your life causes actions that will bring it about.  That’s the real way the universe works.

Some of the best information on the ego I have read in a while is included in “I Am.”  He even goes into various types of addictions.   As the book moves on Falco discusses attributes that are important in the life changing process which include desire, will, power, faith, and  love.  

While this book may appear to be overly scientific to some, we think it is a worthy read and offers some new material.  The Enlightenment Dudes give “I Am” an 8 out of 10.

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