2012: The Awakening by Bill Douglas – Video and Text Review

Hello Dudes, Today we are reviewing 2012: The Awakening by Bill Douglas. Major story lines include: After thousands of years of becoming unbalanced through male dominance, a shift is taking place in the universe bringing the earth back into alignment with the feminine. As a result of this growing feminine energy, people start reaching higher levels of consciousness and compassion partly through an influx and emphasis of teachings from the East. And, there is the political intrigue and conspiracy of governments (particularly the US) in their alliances with the oil industry and other corporations – including media – to keep people ignorant and operating unconsciously.


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There are also some surprises. A series of quotes from Adolf Hitler are frighteningly close to those you would hear from fundamentalist Christian sources. The U.S. Government patent office also has registered dozens of patents for forms of mind control. Also, actual headlines from various sources around the world make you wonder why more people don’t seem to know about this particular kind of news. The answer is the media is also involved because it is owned by major corporations.

While one could be skeptical about the “conspiracy theory” theme, I think the book does serve to wake the reader up to their surroundings. The main point is it is a great story which will make you want to be more aware of what you are being fed by the media, your government, and the world around you. The character development was also very well done, and there are several of them to follow.

Here are a few quotes and excerpts from the book:

“U.S. Patent 4,717,343 – Method of Changing a Person’s Behavior: A method of conditioning a person’s unconscious mind…. video pictures appearing on a screen.”

From the documentary Mind Control: America’s Secret War on the History Channel July 4, 2006: “….a top secret CIA memo expressed the need to explore ‘scientific methods for controlling the minds of individuals’…test subjects underwent hypnosis, electro-shock, and drug-induced hallucinations, without their knowledge and without their consent…thousands and thousands and thousands of people subjected to really damaging unethical experimentation.”

From the Associated Press on March 9, 2008: “A vast array of pharmaceuticals…including….mood stabilizers…have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans….”

And finally a quote speech by Adolf Hitler: “We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit…We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press – in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during the past …years.”

We usually reserve our top scores for groundbreaking, unusual or original material. After all, how many books have you read that repeat the words “consciousness”, “awareness”, or “pure being” several times a page? That kind of unoriginal, inarticulate material isn’t going to get a top score with us. “2012: The Awakening” is not one of those books. It’s not only an excellent story, but a wake up call. The Enlightenment Dudes give this book a 10 out of 10.


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