“God is an Atheist” by N. Nosirrah

A good author knows that getting a potential reader’s attention begins with the title.  Bookstore shoppers would definitely take notice of the title “God is an Atheist” by N. Nosirrah

This is a humorous book about a serious subject – not God, but belief.

The author is the main character, and the book is written in the first person.  In real life, not much is publicly known about Nosirrah. 

But then, not much is known first-hand about God either.  Nosirrah encounters God when he takes a right turn on red at a traffic signal and nearly runs over God.

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They end up spending the day together, and in an ensuing dialogue, God reveals that he is basically fed up with belief and has decided to become an atheist.   “God is an Atheist” has the quality of message and teachings found in many spiritual books, but it is also quite funny with Nosirrah’s quirky drawings and self deprecating humor.

There are also some excellent points made in the book.  For instance, regarding scientists and their stance toward religion…”none of them will face the fact that they are believers of the worst kind.  They believe in science, of course, that is a given.  But, more fundamental than that is that they believe in an orderly universe, a lawful universe, and all of their science, all of their belief flows from that one basic belief.  Who said the universe is orderly anyway?  Isaac Newton started it, but he got the idea from the Catholic Church.  Does anyone see the irony of this?”

The purpose of “God is an Atheist” can be summed up by Nosirrah when he says at one point “God chose me because I do not exist, and because he does not exist, and he wants you to know you do not exist.”  Nosirrah also brings up knowing and not knowing.   “It is our clutching to the known that makes the  impending trip to the unknown so frightening.”

The fun in the book includes referencing and sometimes poking fun of a lot of well known names of people, books, and teachings:  Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, Lao Tzu, Gertrude Stein, Islam, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Jesus,  the “Secret” Ramana Maharshi.  If you felt your diaphragm tighten when you saw any of these names and are ready to take offense to any of this good natured ribbing, you might want to ask what beliefs you are hanging onto.  This book would probably do you the most good.  No belief is sacred in “God is an Atheist.”  

Here’s an excerpt with little known information on the Buddha family:  “Gautama Buddha…wasn’t the enlightened one, it was his cousin Eddie Buddha.  G.Buddha…abandoned his wife and young child in order to pursue his life of renunciation.  No bills, no diapers, no more arguments with the wife about watching too much football, or whatever it was they likely bickered about.  So he left, renounced everything, and shortly was surrounded by the New Agers of the day who insisted he teach them…He showed them how to give up every responsibility and live a stress free life lounging around…for the benefit of all sentient beings of course.  Not surprisingly there were lots of takers, and Buddhism took off.”

Christianity gets bashed in enough places, so I’ll include a quote about Islam:  “For God, the infidel is the believer, any believer, in anything, but especially in him.  The true jihad- the struggle – is with the nature of belief, that it can latch onto any wacko idea and hold tight, that it can even kill for God, as if God needs help in that area…An Islamic radical is a radical believer, and when it comes right down to it, the believer will destroy God and himself before he lets go of his beliefs.”

Prepare to laugh and have your beliefs shaken out of you in “God is an Atheist.”  The Enlightenment Dudes enjoyed the fresh delivery and the message in this book and give it an 8 out of 10.

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