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    Look at Yourself – John Sherman

    John Sherman has one of the more interesting personal stories of all non-duality teachers.  How about a few trips to prison?  Eighteen months in the hole?  Bank robberies,  prison escapes and being on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list?  Fifteen years into his final prison...

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  • god wide

    “God is an Atheist” by N. Nosirrah

    A good author knows that getting a potential reader’s attention begins with the title.  Bookstore shoppers would definitely take notice of the title “God is an Atheist” by N. Nosirrah.  This is a humorous book about a serious subject – not God, but belief. The...

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  • planet rise

    2012: The Awakening by Bill Douglas – Video and Text Review

    Hello Dudes, Today we are reviewing 2012: The Awakening by Bill Douglas. Major story lines include: After thousands of years of becoming unbalanced through male dominance, a shift is taking place in the universe bringing the earth back into alignment with the feminine. As a...

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    “Pouring Concrete: A Zen Path to the Kingdom of God” by Robert Harwood

    One of the lessons that spiritual seekers find most appealing from a guru is their story of awakening.  Of those stories that appear in books, many are often incomplete or non-comprehensive.  A spiritual teacher writes a book and includes a page or two about his...

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  • Book

    Our Top 20 Classic Enlightenment Books

    Hey Folks. This is Jim from enlightenmentdudes.com Since we normally just review the current books dealing with Spiritual Enlightenment we get asked a lot about our favorite classics. All four of us here at Enlightenment Dudes put lists together of our favorite pre-1990 books. So...

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  • I am cover wide

    “I Am” by Howard Falco – Video & Text Review

    You’ve no doubt heard the saying “be in the world but not of it.”  Many spiritual books focus on the transcendence of the world or your reality.  “I Am” by Howard Falco focuses largely on being in the world and how to navigate it.  “I...

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  • being wide

    The Wonder of Being by Jeff Foster – Video and Text Book Review

    One could argue that Jeff Foster is the Jerry Seinfeld of enlightenment.  Open up one of Jeff’s books and, in similarity to the television show “Seinfeld”, you might say it is about nothing.  Jeff would probably take that as a compliment! Specifically, we are reviewing...

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    Seeds for the Soul by Chuck Hillig – Video & Text Review

    Chuck Hillig is one of the more innovative writers in the area of non-duality.  His books have a playful quality.  This doesn’t mean they should not be taken seriously.  As author Jed McKenna put it, “Chuck Hillig’s books look friendly and harmless, but they are...

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  • ultraman wide

    Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies, & the Truth about Reality – Video & Text Review

    So what in the world do Zen, hardcore punk rock, and Japanese monster movies have in common? Well for one, they have Brad Warner. Hello Dudes, this is Jim from EnlightenmnetDudes.com and this is our review of Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies, & the...

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  • not knowing wide

    The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness – Book Review -Video & Text

    There must be a lot of people who fantasize about being stranded on a deserted island. You’ve heard the questions “if you were on an island all alone, what songs would you want with you…or what books?” Being alone on an island with no hope...

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