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    January Issue of Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine

    January 2011 Issue of Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine Features: -CLICK HERE TO SEE MAGAZINE - Painting The Sidewalk – Talking Non-Duality with Joan Tollifson– Interviewing Anthony Tarsitano the Director of “Calling it Quits”– Remembering Ramesh Balsekar with Wayne Liquorman– Our 2010 Spiritual Enlightenment Book of the...

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    Look at Yourself – John Sherman

    John Sherman has one of the more interesting personal stories of all non-duality teachers.  How about a few trips to prison?  Eighteen months in the hole?  Bank robberies,  prison escapes and being on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list?  Fifteen years into his final prison...

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    “God is an Atheist” by N. Nosirrah

    A good author knows that getting a potential reader’s attention begins with the title.  Bookstore shoppers would definitely take notice of the title “God is an Atheist” by N. Nosirrah.  This is a humorous book about a serious subject – not God, but belief. The...

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    Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine – December issue available

    Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine features the latest interviews, stories, art, and literature dealing with the awakening process CLICK HERE to order December 2010 Issue Now! The December Issue Features: A “Crash Course” in Awakening by Scott Kiloby The 2010 Spiritual Enlightenment Book of the Year Awards...

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  • planet rise

    2012: The Awakening by Bill Douglas – Video and Text Review

    Hello Dudes, Today we are reviewing 2012: The Awakening by Bill Douglas. Major story lines include: After thousands of years of becoming unbalanced through male dominance, a shift is taking place in the universe bringing the earth back into alignment with the feminine. As a...

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    Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine – launches

    Today we are proud to partner with our friends at Gateless Media and announce the launch of a new magazine! Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine features the latest interviews, stories, art, and literature dealing with the search for Truth. In this first issue: Zen and Back Again:...

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    “Pouring Concrete: A Zen Path to the Kingdom of God” by Robert Harwood

    One of the lessons that spiritual seekers find most appealing from a guru is their story of awakening.  Of those stories that appear in books, many are often incomplete or non-comprehensive.  A spiritual teacher writes a book and includes a page or two about his...

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    Our Top 20 Classic Enlightenment Books

    Hey Folks. This is Jim from Since we normally just review the current books dealing with Spiritual Enlightenment we get asked a lot about our favorite classics. All four of us here at Enlightenment Dudes put lists together of our favorite pre-1990 books. So...

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    Bitten by the Black Snake by Manuel Schoch – Video and Text Review

    As interesting and enlightening as the works of modern writers are, some of us are drawn to the ancient texts.  One such very old writing is the “Ashtavakra Gita”.  Manuel Schoch, in his book “Bitten by the Blacksnake” reprints Ashtavakra’s sutras and then expounds upon...

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    “I Am” by Howard Falco – Video & Text Review

    You’ve no doubt heard the saying “be in the world but not of it.”  Many spiritual books focus on the transcendence of the world or your reality.  “I Am” by Howard Falco focuses largely on being in the world and how to navigate it.  “I...

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