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    Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine – launches

    Today we are proud to partner with our friends at Gateless Media and announce the launch of a new magazine! Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine features the latest interviews, stories, art, and literature dealing with the search for Truth. In this first issue: Zen and Back Again:...

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    “Pouring Concrete: A Zen Path to the Kingdom of God” by Robert Harwood

    One of the lessons that spiritual seekers find most appealing from a guru is their story of awakening.  Of those stories that appear in books, many are often incomplete or non-comprehensive.  A spiritual teacher writes a book and includes a page or two about his...

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    Bitten by the Black Snake by Manuel Schoch – Video and Text Review

    As interesting and enlightening as the works of modern writers are, some of us are drawn to the ancient texts.  One such very old writing is the “Ashtavakra Gita”.  Manuel Schoch, in his book “Bitten by the Blacksnake” reprints Ashtavakra’s sutras and then expounds upon...

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    Finding Reality: Awakening to Spiritual Freedom

    Humor can sometimes be a great propeller. Today’s review is of the book “Finding Reality: Awakening to Spiritual Freedom” by Keith Loy. Loy is from Ireland, and details the spiritual circus in a very humorous way. There are definitely some laugh out loud moments here...

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    The Wonder of Being by Jeff Foster – Video and Text Book Review

    One could argue that Jeff Foster is the Jerry Seinfeld of enlightenment.  Open up one of Jeff’s books and, in similarity to the television show “Seinfeld”, you might say it is about nothing.  Jeff would probably take that as a compliment! Specifically, we are reviewing...

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